Do what you love, love what you do…

Biscuit is born into the heart of a little girl named Katia Bandolowski in Copenhagen, Denmark. Daughter of a Danish father and a Spanish mother at the age of 4 they decided to come to live in Madrid.

As a teenager, Katia dreams of designers like Thierry Mugler or Alaia. During the day his grandmother Carmen, teaches him to sew and cut to be able to dress as he dreamed.

Soon she designs her own costumes for her work as a dancer and shortly after Nacho Cano asks her to design the costumes for her tour.


Katia Biscuit


Nothing better than going around the world, in search of that small workshop, where you can give Biscuit a life of its own.

10,671km from Madrid in the Buenos Aires city of Buenos Aires, a young Argentine Paul Buquet falls in love with this traveler and joins in the search for that small workshop.

15,171km from Buenos Aires is Jonny Kadek's family workshop in Indonesian on the island of Bali. In this workshop where each seamstress is a person and each garment her work of art, they elaborate for 7 years small collections that are signed with a common name, Biscuit.t.


In 2005 BISCUIT opened their first store in the Malasaña neighborhood where they created a space not only to offer clothing under the Biscuit brand, but also a space in which young designers can offer their illusions and where people can buy their creations.

 Katia Biscuit


As in all history, the years go by.

Today that girl is an excellent independent designer, Biscuit is a well-known clothing brand and that young man from Buenos Aires is in charge of finding the balance between illusion and business.

Katia and Paul got married. They have 2 children Mael & Liam and they live on the small island of Ibiza ... they say that is the secret of their designs .....

Biscuit continues to grow little by little ... you can see it in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Zaragoza and now it is said that it is in Mallorca ...

 Paul y Katia Biscuit

But twice a year the three of them get together on neutral ground and bring their dreams to life, creating the collections of this independent clothing brand in a Portugal workshop run by Fernanda and in an organized China workshop run by Jonny Kadek. Each seamstress remains a person and each garment her work of art.e.

 Biscuit loves you!