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COVID-19 measures

Dear Customer,
As you know, we are in an exceptional situation that we have never faced before, and after the analysis of the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, we would like to share with you some lines of action:
In general, in our activityThe general interest of citizens will always prevail, the safety of our workers and collaborators, that of everyone, but especially that of the delivery men and ship personnel, our particular "heroes" in this battle and the interests of our clients,s, that we will try to attend with the least possible disruption, despite the difficulties and the extraordinary situation and force majeure that we face.
Given the closure of some companies and commercial premises in this period, it is foreseeable thata significant portion of shipments cannot be delivered,so we ask you not to request collections of merchandise that you are not sure can be delivered.
In the event that we cannot make the delivery of the merchandise effective, we will initiate thereturn process to your facilities in a shorter period than the initially agreed upon in order to ensure our operations.
We restrict thecash on delivery service and postage due with cash payment.
The operation may be impacted depending on the limitations that we find ourselves with, so thatwe cannot guarantee our usual delivery times. In any case, we will continue to monitor our daily quality and put the necessary measures to maintain the best levels of service in current situations.
Messages to clients ofPRE-NOTICE and DISTRIBUTION They will include the date and time of delivery, but with the additional text that they are indicative and that they may vary depending on the circumstances.
TheRed Pickup It will not operate until further notice nor will we be able to recover the shipments that are deposited there. Therefore, we suppress the option to deposit at point after delivery attempt, direct shipping, as well as ecommerce returns through points.
Delivery procedure. Given the special sensitivity about the problem of deliveries andTo avoid risky situations with our consignees and maximize the protection of our delivery force and while the state of alarm lasts:
As a first option, the dealer is enabled:
- Present the shipment to the recipient and respecting the distance of one meter throughout the process.
- Ask the recipient for his signature on the shipping label with the recipient's own pen.).
- Capture later image with PDA camera.
In cases where the above optionNOT possible by refusing the receiver to sign, as a second option, the dealer is enabled:
- Present the merchandise to the recipient, respecting the distance of 1 meter.
- Verbally request the name and surname of the recipient of the shipment, to inform the system.
- Capture image with PDA camera.
Finally, in cases where the recipient does not allow personal contact with the delivery person, it will be sufficient for the delivery person to:
- Deposit the shipment at the door of the recipient's address or mailbox, prior notice to this.
- Capture image with PDA camera.
We are aware that we are at an exceptional moment and, therefore, we are also taking exceptional measures. We trust that they allow usensure the service while maintaining the safety and health of all those involvedin the process.
I take this opportunity to send you a cordial greeting,

David tailor


SEUR Client Director